Embracing the Wisdom of Soul & Science…

Here’s Luann’s latest cutting edge information on how to literally dial in new pathways in your brain, using a combo-platter of science and spirituality―taking advantage of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability
to re-organize itself with
mental-focus practices.

Connect with the authentic self, build joyful relationships, & merge into your highest destiny with confidence.

With sisterly advice and humor, Luann Robinson Hull shares her own ventures into (and out of) love and consciousness, lacing her story with wit and grit as she guides readers through the trenches sharing life-lines of wisdom along the way.

Self Belonging is an educational memoir, which dives deeply into the subject of dependency in relationships—inspired by the author’s personal challenges.

Luann Robinson Hull was born in Decatur, Illinois, a small Midwestern farm-factory town.

“That’s where I lived until graduating from Milliken, the local college, with a degree in Elementary Education. I had some challenges as a kid—we all do if we are currently drawing breath on this planet. Living in a chaotic household, laced with perpetual conflict, I spent the duration of my developmental years attempting to cope with various combinations of anxiety and depression.”


Author Luann Robinson Hull