Science and Creationism

Several weeks ago, someone asked me if I’d ever studied atheism. 

Over my 25 years of researching human consciousness, science and spiritual growth, I had to say the topic hadn’t crossed my radar.  Apart from having read The Origin, where Dan Brown pits creationism against science, which was interesting (though not convincing), I’ve never had the slightest inclination to explore the subject.

In accepting the challenge, I was astonished at the plethora of links that came up to explore: atheism vs deism, atheism vs Catholicism, atheism vs nihilism, atheism vs humanism—the list continues. After reading these edicts until I was cross-eyed, I was more convinced than ever that focusing on another angle in search of the truth (the one that has fascinated me for years) would be a better use of my time: how science and spirituality can merge to support my theory that there is One Infinite Creator—the architect of consciousness, energy, matter, biology, space, and the great cycles of time.

  • Is the universe itself alive with a ‘hidden’ Intelligence which has masterfully designed a living fabric linking us all together?
  • Is there evidential proof of a Source Field (“God”), or energetic point of origin that is the causal foundation of all life-forms?
  • Is it possible that our higher cognitive functions are supported by frequencies of energy broadcast from this Universal Intelligence?  

A number of authors and researchers, classic and contemporary, have offered fascinating insights along with their respective findings.

David Wilcock is a consciousness researcher and New York Times best-selling author of The Source Field Investigations. In his second book, The Synchronicity Key, Wilcock cites a professional peer-reviewed scientific study published by the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation demonstrating that when a group of 7,000 people meditated on thoughts of love, peace, and happiness at the same time, they were able to reduce acts of terrorism by 72% worldwide. Wilcock suggests that once you begin exploring some of the great mysteries of life, you will begin to notice undeniable coincidences which could be described as synchronicities—or the concurrent occurrence of causally unrelated events— the simultaneity of which has meaning beyond mere coincidence.

Dr. Carl Gustov Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who developed the idea that there is a collective unconscious created from a Source which is the foundation of a fundamental connectedness—and that our dreams, often appearing in fascinating, intricately woven metaphors, can help play a role in resolving some of the riddles of unconscious entanglements. Jung coined the term “synchronicity” in the early 1920’s. He believed that synchronicity is a key element of spiritual awakening/self-realization as our consciousness continues to evolve. He felt that being aware of valuable occurrences by way of synchronicities shifts us away from egocentric thinking into a view where we are much more likely to see ourselves as interconnected beings.

When writing this piece, I felt the nudge to pick up the late Dr. M. Scott Peck’s renowned work The Road Less Traveled along with Wilcock’s Synchronicity Key for support and inspiration. I literally opened each book to the same sections—simultaneously—where the respective authors describe one of the pivotal synchronicities in Jung’s practice.

Jung cites a challenge in treating a patient who he felt to be inaccessible by his usual interventions. At a moment of his greatest frustration when being unable to reach her, she began describing a dream to him in which she was gifted with a golden scarab. Just as she uttered “golden scarab” an actual scarabaeid beetle tapped on Jung’s office window, which he opened, caught the insect in mid-flight, and handed it to his patient. Jung describes the incident as the opening he was looking for, inspiriting the woman’s therapeutic breakthrough.

Was the fact that I opened both Peck’s and Wilcock’s books to the exact same reference while writing this piece an instance of synchronicity or was it just happenstance?

If it was synchronicity, who or what created or inspired the event? Was it the same ‘Source’ that caused the scarab to appear at the exact moment when Jung’s patient was sharing details about her dream?  Are these phenomenon simply flukes, or are we humans connected ‘under the radar’ at energetic, biological levels through invisible tunnels of quarks, atoms, sub-atomic particles, and photons? Is it also possible that when we focus these energies through collective minds with similar intent, that we can create specific outcomes?

Researcher and best-selling author Lynne McTaggart has been running intentional experiments for years with astonishing results. She summarizes them in this fascinating podcast: Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 39 – Lynne McTaggart. Is the influence of combined thought what Jesus was talking about when he said, “I tell you truly that if two of you agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you” (Matthew 18:20)?

In my second book, Self-Belonging: Embrace the Wisdom of Soul and Science to Cultivate Self-Love and Live Your Best Lifeto be published in August, I weave together scientific information about why we do what we do along with a set of spiritual practices proven to support an ‘upgrade’ in our human operating system. I continually have breakthrough spiritual practices and experiences that strengthen my awareness, often revealed in synchronicities that occur daily. These ongoing experiences inspire me to continue this exploration with you.

When you are willing, please begin to take note of the synchronicities that occur in your life (and recall those that have happened), as well as your own spiritual insights and breakthroughs. Share them with me and with other readers in the comments below. Let’s see where the conversation takes us. I look forward to hearing from you!


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