Stop Searching for Mr. Right…

What instincts, etched into our subconscious minds, drive us to behave in ways that cause us pain and suffering? How can we transcend those tendencies? Why do educated women repeatedly revert to outdated patterns of relating to men―even as ancient patriarchal systems (and the fairy tales perpetuating them) are clearly crumbling?


“This book of Luann Robinson Hull’s is a stunning hit between the eyes. She has complete command of her subject matter, expertly navigating us through waters we probably didn’t even know were treacherous. Not once does she lose sight of her destiny using feminine power and finesse to enlighten us of this mysterious abyss called ‘relationship.’ Though her target audience may appear to be women, Happily Ever After…Right Now provided me with insight and clarity into something I gave up trying to comprehend long ago. She reminded me not only of what I seek in a partner but helped me set off on the journey of reclaiming the man I have always wanted to be.”
— Branden Blinn, The Branden Blinn Media Group

“Luann’s book Happily Ever After provides readers with a model for a new relationship story that includes a formula for joyful, happy living in all of the moments of now, not just someday in the future.”
— Ande Lyons, After Dark Radio Show

Luann Robinson Hull was born in Decatur, Illinois, a small Midwestern farm-factory town.

“That’s where I lived until graduating from Milliken, the local college, with a degree in Elementary Education. I had some challenges as a kid—we all do if we are currently drawing breath on this planet. Living in a chaotic household, laced with perpetual conflict, I spent the duration of my developmental years attempting to cope with various combinations of anxiety and depression.”


Author Luann Robinson Hull