On Dragonflies, Frogs, and Slugs

“How do you free yourself? In the deepest sense, you free yourself by finding yourself.”Michael Alan Singer, The Untethered Soul

During this interesting time of sequestering over the last few months, I’ve found that among the many challenges have been great gifts. One of those is having had the unusual privilege of spending time with my four-year-old granddaughter, whose unusual kindness and compassion I find to be remarkable. Among her many ways of demonstrating those qualities is with her tenderness toward creatures which most would find disgusting—namely frogs, slugs, and worms. She’s spent hours being entertained by them (even closely observing the behavior of ants after feeding them M&M treats).

On a few occasions, her parents allowed her to capture some of these beings, but only for brief periods during which she has learned to take great care in arranging for their comfort and well-being. After their short sequestering, they must be returned to what she has learned is their “natural environment.” She now understands first hand, what it is like to be removed from one’s natural environment and has spoken so often about wanting to return home to her friends, her toys, and her dress-up clothes, which happen to be an ocean’s distance away. At this very young and tender age, she is learning how to have great empathy for misplaced creatures, herself being among them.  

While together, to her delight (and mine), we also affixed temporary tattoos, making our selections from a broad swath of options which included a dragonfly and soccer ball with a flame attached. I chose the former—she, the latter.  To me, she is the perfect representation of yin/yang, masculine/feminine, a divinely balanced being in one glorious package. Just as much as she loves soccer balls and slugs, so does she adore dressing up as Queen Elsa (heroine of the beloved Disney fantasy, Frozen) in all of her icy-blue-splendor, replete with gown and flowing train. I love observing her propensities and inclinations— which help restore my hope for the human race and where we are headed—regardless of the remarkable challenges of the times into which she has been born.

“Now is the time for the great cleansing of the human wound…”—Richard Rudd

In considering what it means to be free, through the lens of slugs, worms, and frogs provided by my granddaughter, I am reminded of the plight of a particular dragonfly. More than a decade ago, I read an article by Maureen Moss entitled, Breakfast with God, Part 5, The Illusion.  Author and “cultural transformer,” Moss encountered a dragonfly while breakfasting on her patio, which appeared to be trapped between two screens. By her report, there were openings on either side of the screen toward which Moss attempted to guide the dragonfly. Her repeated efforts only caused the dragonfly to become evermore frantic and frenzied. While Moss pondered the plight of this creature’s illusory bondage, she contemplated the suffering of “millions of us” who seem trapped when there is always a doorway out. “We just look in the wrong direction and therefore stay stuck and trapped,” Moss, lamented.

Maureen seemed to hear the words of God as she contemplated the quagmire and wrote:

“In the higher stream of your consciousness, which is My Consciousness in you, your entire perception changes, and when that happens, so do any illusory circumstances, which may have made you feel trapped or sequestered in any way. For when you step into God Consciousness, all of your ideas, concepts, and stories are reorganized and transformed, and then your struggling and suffering cease. Remember. The doorway out is as close to you as is the idea that there is no way out…You are not the trapped dragonfly regardless of any of your circumstances. Look for the doorway out; it is within your Higher Mind, your higher stream of consciousness…Stay quiet in your mind, and approach the doorway (even if you don’t see it). It will open and you will be free.”

When you focus on God Consciousness, you are detaching from the neural network of conditioning. In so doing, you are liberating yourself from the master control panel that is your brain/mind, which is programmed with stories on this or that. Essence instead (God Consciousness), interprets every single sensory input as an opportunity for joy—as was exquisitely evidenced through the lens of my granddaughter when she delighted in having compassion for even the lowliest of earthly creatures.

If you are reading the words on this page, you know that on some level, you have signed up to transcend the amnesia of the world. (Of course, you are best positioned to do so when you first decide to loosen the illusory noose around your own neck.) Therefore, what is the next right action you can take to participate in raising the consciousness of humanity? What is the best thing you can do to become the most evolved person you can be? Every decision you make, every word you utter to another (or even think about without speaking) affects everyone drawing breath (and beyond). If you choose in each moment to operate above neutral, you lift the ocean of consciousness—inch by inch, and each non-judgmental thought and act of forgiveness lifts the water.

As I was completing Happily Ever After…Right Now, I had my own “download” from God:

“As you are becoming lighter and lighter from your place of self-acceptance, understand that this ‘lightness’ is what you were meant to experience here. And as you continue feeling more buoyant and alive, you will simultaneously lose the desire to change anyone else. You simply won’t want to waste your precious energy trying to get others to ‘see the light.’ Rather, you will only want to concentrate on being that light yourself. And as you continue to glow, your entire planet will benefit. For when the light is shining, there can be no darkness.”

You know what to do.
Believing in you!


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