Angel Visitations and the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Twenty years ago, I started writing Happily Ever After…Right Now

…during a transformational period in my life, a pivotal point that I describe as follows within the book:

“This is a cosmic love story viewed through the magical mirror of our souls …it is just about listening and remembering, one minute, one person, one partnership at a time. This is no ordinary tale—for its purpose is to provide a new foundation for living your life from a place of freedom and peace …comfortable with uncertainty as you break through the generational spells that have kept you endlessly bound in fear and longing.”

Happily Ever After…Right Now

I realized just preceding that “transformational period,” that I was about to snap. And I would unless I could break through my own generational spells. In the first chapter of the book, I point out those “spells” are habituated and passed down through our early DNA when our very survival depended on successfully navigating the perils of a hostile environment. In growing and progressing both individually and as a species toward conscious awareness—minus those saber-toothed tigers—we have to learn how to put primal instincts in their place. Otherwise, our growth will be repeatedly interrupted and stunted.

“It is time to celebrate the glory of who you really are as you wake up and recognize how to access your only real security from a place of conscious, compassionate awareness. As you decide to step into your powerful nature—you will learn to effortlessly navigate what is in front of you—thereby eliminating suffering from your life altogether.”

Happily Ever After…Right Now
Happily Ever After…Right Now by Luann Robinson Hull

The unprecedented times in which we currently find ourselves can definitely stir up emotional residue, causing those unprocessed “generational spells” to re-surface—particularly the ones related to fear, anxiety, and anger (the “human enemy”—as described by Dr. Andrew Newberg, consciousness expert).

If we listen to the news, read newspapers, or click on information online regarding what this “unseen enemy currently on the loose” can do, any of those sources will typically raise significant uncertainty. And, the old reptile within us (our limbic system—the most ancient part of our brain) does not like uncertainty. It is exquisitely designed to take us right into “fight of flight” as soon as it recognizes a trigger. It sees all threats as equal, regardless of size or magnitude, and therefore wants to bully us into taking charge, and most certainly will if we don’t exercise determination. This we can do by stepping back from the situation, taking a breath, and sizing things up with conscious discernment. And, of course, it takes discipline, detachment, and obedience to do so. Cultivating your self-regulation by daily engaging in mental focus exercises like meditation, prayer, and contemplation, will support you when triggers arise.

As I continue to work through those generational spells of mine, I have found new testing ground for my ability to self-regulate (even with all of my meditation practices)—what with all of the developments related to a global “lock down”—perhaps similar to what you are going through. Today marks the sixth week in which I have been fully immersed in family life with my son, his wife, and their two children—who narrowly escaped their residence in London, a place identified at great risk, just before the curtain was drawn on travel. I happily agreed to sequester with them in the California desert.

The first couple of weeks were spent adjusting and nesting. All went reasonably well as we each pitched in and did our part. Everyone—including the children ages 4 and 1, seemed to adapt and even enjoy the circumstances of our new life here. When the third week rolled around, there were no unforeseen hitches—and everything continued to go pretty darned smoothly given the close quarters and tight sleeping arrangements. However, now into the sixth week, I can see that we are all on edge.

Call for an Angel Visitation…

Fortunately, as things kind of started to unravel I had a “chance” encounter with a man who showed up on the playground where I was attempting to entertain my granddaughter. (He seemed to appear right on cue by Divine direction.) Miraculously, she waited with unprecedented patience as I struck up a conversation with this gentleman. He was using the playground equipment to substitute for a gym, which initially annoyed me, antagonizing my already edgy state.

I was concerned that he might be carrying some viral potential. Nonetheless, despite being pretty salty, I managed to squeeze out a semi-amiable “hello.” He responded with a gloriously winning smile. The warmth of his presence sparked a glow in my heart. I learned he is an author wanting to reach people by offering simple ways in which they can be “miracle makers” with some humble gestures of kindness. After our conversation, he left the playground briefly and returned with a storybook for my granddaughter entitled, Angels—confirming what he was destined to become in my life. Following our interaction when we exchanged contact information, he sent along this message: “Remember that forgiveness ends all pain and suffering.” 

Later in the day, when I ran into him again, I thanked him for the powerful reminder. He followed up with another invaluable gem: “Judgment is a waste of time and energy.” 

That evening, he dropped off some of the books he’s written, one of which is titled, Turn Right at the Dancing Cow: A Miracle in Uganda! It is about a woman he mentored, helping her to learn the art of fundraising to support her dream of setting up a school. (He is a retired expert in development). In the beginning of the book, he discusses a near-death experience he had, and what that encounter with death taught him. After feeling utterly slammed back into his dying body, he’s been inspired to help others in entirely new and creative ways.

“These pains you feel are messengers.” –Rumi

This angel, who shared that powerful quote above, has repeatedly brought me back to remembering—some twenty years after I began writing Happily Ever After, about how we are all connected in this grand mosaic that is the “cosmic love story.” We each have a part, and every single encounter is a holy one, regardless of how it may look. If we resist any of the people, places, circumstances, or situations that we encounter, unable to change them to meet our expectations or comfort level, inevitably we will suffer.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”—The Serenity Prayer

Conversely, if we do not speak up when we have an issue that we do have the ability to change, we may agonize until we give voice to our concern. How do we cultivate the impeccable discernment to “know the difference?” For me, it is by stepping back from the situation, invoking Divine support, and avoiding action (or remaining in “non-action-mode”) until I’ve come to that serenity, which can often seem nearly impossible to do. I have definitely failed—many times.

In my last article, I said, “The world is depending on you to achieve spiritual mastery—so brighten up that light of yours and outshine the shadows.”

How better to begin in doing so than with the powerful messages that my new, angelic friend has delivered?  Yes, it takes extraordinary will and determination to swallow your ego, smother it with love and compassion, and break through those generational spells. I’ve learned that doing so is the only way to access the “peace beyond all understanding” that God’s talkin’ about.

The two books I have written…

Happily Ever After…Right Now, the second edition of which will be out in e-book form on Saturday, June 23, and Self Belonging, it’s sequel, due out later this summer, are handbooks on how to do so, together with providing scientific information on just what is happening in your heart and brain when you step into your potential to “upgrade.” When you do so, you gain greater access to that peace—however seemingly intolerable some situations might appear. (I am incredibly grateful to Teri Rider of Top Reads Publishing for her magic touch in bringing the material forward.)

Self Belonging is Hull’s second book following her award-winning debut book, Happily Ever After…Right Now.

As you continue to engage in your efforts to outshine the darkness (either by keeping silent or speaking up) watch in wonder as you encounter your own angels along your path. Inevitably, some may bewell disguised. If you are willing, bless them all, for according to the wisdom of Rumi, the 13th Century Persian poet cited above, “Each one is a messenger from beyond.”

Believing in You!

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